Hosh Randhowa

Managing Director

Highly experienced with strong technical understanding of lighting and the requirements for different conditions both for indoors and outdoors, Hosh is able to lead the team in producing lighting schemes that are effective and work to meet standards and the clients needs. Hosh’s experience lies with supporting (both in-house and externally) major projects for brands such as Philips lighting. 25 years in lighting include working for Richmond Council, Concord:marlin and Philips Lighting before becoming independent (starting onlight Ltd) in 2002.

Favourite sports team: Arsenal
Hobbies & interests: Keen badminton player helping local club train upcoming star players!

Kam Dhatt

Design Director

With International experience having worked a large part of his career in UK, Australia and the Middle East, Kam has creative flair and interest in working with innovative ideas and technologies to improve spaces for people. 15 Years in Lighting Kam’s experience includes working for Concord Lighting, Thorn Lighting, Sylvania Lighting Australasia and Acoulite LLC (Dubai). Kam is also passionate about the connection between the natural world and humans, this leading to an interest in lighting spaces that keep in tune with the natural habitat of the outdoor world.

Favourite sports team: Nottingham Forest
Hobbies & interest: Photography, Painting, martial arts, Formula One, bike riding and the great outdoors!

Adrian Gernelo

Visualizer & Lighting Designer

Adrian adds a unique perspective with his experience in 3D video game art design to a team who are fully committed to the real world simulation of light and space. Adrian is currently heading the 3D visualisation department with a keen interest in trying new technologies and means of presenting lighting and architectural projects. Adrian’s background extends from having studied video game level design in Spain.

Favourite sports team: FC Barcelona
Hobbies & interest: Biking, 3D art, Video Games and a good social!