onlight is an innovative lighting design, visualization and BIM content creation company capable of working on a wide variety of projects and customer types. Click the services below for more information…


Lighting Design
Whether it’s a new building, refurb or exterior landscaping, there will always need to be a lighting plan to meet the needs of the job at hand. Calling upon a lighting consultant to work on the project you’ll have the right lighting strategy in place taking into account the technical requirements, the use of correct light sources and fixtures for the application, meeting energy and building code requirements, ensuring efficiency throughout and most importantly we can work to produce spaces that inspire and stimulate!

3D Visualizations
Either working from scratch using site plans or working with your existing building models we offer complete 3D visualisations service with an emphasis of realistic and accurate representation using real world lighting calculation methods and material definitions. All our renderings will be based on real world lighting working with data from lighting manufacturers or site specific sky and sun regional alignment.

BIM Family development
As BIM (Building Information Modeling) becomes more prominent in the construction industry it is key lighting suppliers to have products available as BIM families. Onlight offer the service to develop Revit families for lighting products and ensure these families are in line with local BIM standards.

BLOOM UNIT – Real time rendering tool
As a service provider in the area of lighting and visualization onlight have partnered with Migenius who offer a unique rendering tool for Sketchup. Using the power of the cloud, Bloom Unit allows detailed and physically accurate rendering to take place real time in front of the designer and the client at the same time across different devices. Bloom Unit also allows unique collaborative input across the world on a single project speeding up the work flow and sign off process.